Party Planet Game Feature: Fennec Fox Tower 🦊

Party Planet Game Feature: Fennec Fox Tower 🦊

Come one, come all, for there’s another Party Planet Game Feature blog! In these featured posts, we’ll talk about the exciting and fun party games you, your friends, and your family can play in our upcoming release, Party Planet, which is out NOW on the Nintendo Switch™! Today we’re gonna take a closer look at Fennec Fox Tower 🦊, one of the 30 games included in Party Planet.



What does the fox say? Okay, but seriously, foxes are pretty sly and cunning! With their quick wits, they’re able to avoid trouble that comes their way.

In Fennec Fox Tower, you and 3 other players are in a bit of a bind as you all have to climb your way to the top before the body of water reaches you! Jump on as high as you possibly can and be the first one to the top. Of course, life isn’t that easy for the clever foxes! You’ll have to avoid various obstacles, like cracked platforms that crumble once you step on them, and… snowball cannons?! Yup, snowball cannons have been placed before your path, so be wary of them before you get shot off the platform you’re standing on! And then, there are the mysterious bonuses that you can collect as you make your way to the top; they can either give you a hefty boost, or they can further impede your plans to be first!



Have you ever seen a fox in your backyard or in your neighborhood? Tell us in the comments below and on our social media sites!

Who will be the first one to the top? You, or one of the 3 other players you’re up against? Hop and don’t stop on your way to the top in Fennec Fox Towerone of 30 fun-filled games in Party Planet! Get your copy today and get your party started just in time for the holiday season! 🎉 

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