Party Planet Game Feature: Block the Bug! 🐞

Party Planet Game Feature: Block the Bug! 🐞
Stop that bug in its tracks in <a title="Block the Bug" href="">Block the Bug</a>!

Welcome to another Party Planet Game Feature blog, where we talk about the exciting and fun party games you, your friends, and your family can play in our upcoming release, Party Planet, which will be released on Nintendo Switch™ December 12! To keep things going, we’re gonna take a closer look at Block the Bug! 🐞, another one of the 30 games included in Party Planet.



Let’s face it: we have a love/hate relationship with bugs. Some of them take care of controlling the population of smaller bugs, yet some others are just all over the place! What’s that? There’s a bug crawling on the wall of your room? A bug decided to land right on your face?! Ew! Let’s block that bug’s way and send them back outside!

In Block the Bug!, you face a curious bug trying to make a quick getaway, but it’s time to block its path! Luckily, you’re armed with stones that will allow you to obstruct the bug’s path. Carefully place stones to block the bug’s movements, but be careful! You’ve only got a few stones in your inventory, so you must consider your moves carefully, otherwise the bug escapes and wins the round! If the bug escapes the board, it’s game over. Plan and strategize where each stone will go to block that bug!



Have you ever been in a situation where you were trying your best to shoo away a bug or even had a bug you dislike land on you? 😱 Sound off in the comments below or in our social media sites and tell us!

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