Party Planet Game Feature: Mystical Totem

Party Planet Game Feature: Mystical Totem
Chop away at that towering totem in <a title="Mystical Totem" href="">Mystical Totem</a>!

Brace yourselves, because here’s another Party Planet Game Feature blog! 🎉 In these featured posts, we’ll talk about the thrilling and entertaining party games you, your friends, and your family can play in our upcoming game, Party Planet, which will be released on Nintendo Switch™ December 12! Today, we’re gonna talk about at Mystical Totem, one of the 30 party games included in Party Planet.



Imagine going out to run your errands of gathering resources, and… What’s that? There are various incredibly colorful and towering mystical totems that had suddenly appeared near the town! It’s quite the sight, but it’s making life a bit inconvenient, so it’s time total those totems!

In Mystical Totem, you and 3 other players have the task of being the first one to completely chop off their respective totem. But… Wait a moment! Did you think it would be that simple? There are dangers to be wary of! Avoid any obstructions as you chop away at the totem that will slow you down. And above all, keep moving no matter what to avoid freezing in the extremely cold climate! Chop up those totems and be the first one to claim victory!



Have you ever seen a totem? What kind of totem was it? Sound off in the comments below and on our social media sites to tell us your totem encounters!

In case you missed it, we’re also running a special Party Planet giveaway in the form of a Twitter board game! The new RT requirement to move our game piece forward is 35 RTs. Play along with others to reach the finish line for a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Party Planet!

Will you be the first one to completely chop up a totem, or will one of your friends be lighting fast to claim that top spot? Chop chop in this frantic fun party game, Mystical Totem, only one of 30 fun-filled games in Party Planet! Pre-order your copy today and get your party started just in time for the holiday season! 🎉 

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